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umati has new partner Textechno H. Stein GmbH & Co.KG

Tex­techno is now part of the umati community 

What expect­a­tions do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

With the umati part­ner­ship we under­line the need for open, fea­ture-rich, and cer­ti­fied com­mu­nic­a­tion stand­ards for tight integ­ra­tion between pro­duc­tion machines, test­ing instru­ments and con­trol sys­tems. A strong part­ner­ship will help explore the poten­tial and shape the future of integ­ra­tion using OPC-UA.

What advant­ages does umati offer your com­pany and your customers?

Umati allows us to show­case integ­ra­tion and integ­rity of our instru­ments in a diverse pro­duc­tion envir­on­ment. Our cus­tom­ers are assured of a flaw­less integ­ra­tion of our devices. At the same time, the poten­tial of in-depth inter­con­nectiv­ity is highlighted.

How do you eval­u­ate the expan­sion of the umati ini­ti­at­ive to the entire mech­an­ic­al engin­eer­ing industry?

As SME we are con­stantly chal­lenged by our cus­tom­ers to inter­face with their pro­pri­et­ary pro­duc­tion con­trol and exe­cu­tion sys­tems. For us it is import­ant that umati pro­motes the OPC-UA stand­ard across the industry and that a com­mon under­stand­ing is formed among those who imple­ment OPC-UA for instance by mak­ing broad use of com­pan­ion specifications.

About Tex­techno

Tex­techno is a lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of pre­ci­sion test­ing equip­ment for fibres, yarns and com­pos­ite mater­i­als headquartered in Mönchenglad­bach, Ger­many. The com­pany was foun­ded in 1949 and is, togeth­er with its sub­si­di­ary Len­z­ing Instru­ments in Aus­tria, world mar­ket and tech­no­logy lead­er in the field of man-made fibre and fil­a­ment yarn test­ing. Our instru­ments help ensure that airbags do not burst, belts do not tear, wind blades are stiff and light and much more. Tex­techno stands for reli­able, innov­at­ive, and highly auto­mated tech­no­logy as well as out­stand­ing pro­duc­tion qual­ity. Tex­techno is mem­ber of VDMA and received sev­er­al innov­a­tion awards in the recent years for its nov­el test­ing instruments.