OPC 40701 UA for Surface Technology

The OPC 40701 is an initiative to create common OPC UA interfaces for surface technology machinery.

The aim of the ini­ti­at­ive is to cre­ate com­mon OPC UA inter­faces for sur­face tech­no­logy machinery such as

  • paint applic­a­tion technology 
  • shot blast­ing technology 
  • plasma sur­face treat­ment technology 
  • clean­ing and pre­treat­ment technology 

Cur­rent activ­it­ies focus on the inter­face of mater­i­al sup­ply sys­tems for coat­ing mater­i­al. The use-cases con­sidered cov­er the pro­vi­sion of raw data of

  • all qual­ity-rel­ev­ant para­met­ers with time stamp to high­er-level systems 
  • all pro­cess-rel­ev­ant para­met­ers with time stamp to oth­er components/machines

The inform­a­tion mod­el aims to provide the basis for detailed mon­it­or­ing of the mater­i­al sup­ply sys­tem and its com­pon­ents. The mod­el defines para­met­ers for all rel­ev­ant sys­tem com­pon­ents includ­ing pumps, tanks, valves, pipelines, fil­ters and meas­ur­ing devices for mon­it­or­ing phys­ic­al quant­it­ies such as tem­per­at­ure, pres­sure, flow, etc.

On the basis of the inform­a­tion mod­el developed for mater­i­al sup­ply sys­tems, the OPC UA sur­face tech­no­logy com­munity teamed up with umati for demon­stra­tion of a com­plete paint applic­a­tion plant con­sist­ing of

  • pre­treat­ment plant
  • mater­i­al sup­ply system
  • dos­ing system
  • applic­a­tion system
  • con­vey­or
  • spray booth
  • dry­er

The paint applic­a­tion plant mod­el has been developed jointly by the companies

  • AFOTEK Anla­gen für Ober­flächen­tech­nik GmbH
  • b+m sur­face sys­tems GmbH
  • Dürr Sys­tems AG 
  • J. Wag­n­er GmbH
  • Konzept­park GmbH
  • WIWA Wil­helm Wag­n­er GmbH & Co. KG

The umati imple­ment­a­tion is a pro­to­type tested in par­al­lel to the devel­op­ment of the inform­a­tion mod­el by the com­munity. The umati demon­strat­or infra­struc­ture is used to dis­play the cur­rent state of work.