why should I become a partner?

Machine builders, component or software suppliers jointly take care that customers can easily access data from their machines.

  • Part­ners involved in umati make a com­mon prom­ise to their customers.
  • Com­pan­ies bene­fit from a joint, strong, vis­ible mar­ket­ing pres­ence through press work, events, trade fair appear­ances and show­cases – across tech­no­lo­gies or product groups: 
    • Com­pan­ies can advert­ise with logo
    • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in a show­case is advert­ised — proof of func­tion­al­ity and early adopter
    • Joint cent­ral exhib­i­tion stand
  • Mar­ket pen­et­ra­tion with a uni­form data inter­face com­munity is accel­er­ated and simplified
  • Access to qual­ity assur­ance mater­i­al (test scripts/description) and later sample code and sample implementations
  • Increase of accept­ance and com­munity in the cus­tom­er industries

our partners

Our partners support the dissemination of OPC UA standards with a common implementation in the machinery industries.

umati part­ners provide machines or soft­ware which imple­ment OPC UA spe­cific­a­tions that are endorsed by umati. The num­ber of umati endorsed stand­ards is grow­ing togeth­er with the community.

The imple­ment­a­tion fol­lows com­mon guidelines provided by the umati com­munity in order to real­ize  con­nectiv­ity across tech­no­logy domains (e.g. secur­ity, access man­age­ment, configuration).

Many umati part­ners con­trib­ute to the devel­op­ment of the endorsed OPC UA com­pan­ion specifications.

cor­por­ate partners

Com­pan­ies who use umati endorsed spe­cific­a­tion in their products and work togeth­er to build the umati community.


3YOURMIND GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.3yourmind.com/

A+W Soft­ware GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.a‑w.com/de/

ADAMOS GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.adamos.com/

ADEQUATE SOLUTIONS GMBH, Ger­many, https://www.adequatesolutions.com/

Afotek Ser­vices GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.afotek-services.de/

Aga­thon AG, Switzer­land, https://www.agathon.ch/

Ain­gura IIoT, Spain, https://www.ainguraiiot.com/

AIT GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.aitgmbh.de/

ANCA Pty Ltd., Aus­tralia, https://machines.anca.com/

iT SpeeX, LLC, USA, http://athenaworkshere.com/

B&R Indus­tri­al Auto­ma­tion GmbH, Aus­tria, https://www.br-automation.com/en/

b+m sur­face sys­tems GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.bm-systems.com/de/

basysKom GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.basyskom.de/

Beck­hoff Auto­ma­tion GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.beckhoff.com

BIG KAISER Präzi­sion­swerkzeuge AG, Switzer­land, https://www.bigkaiser.com/en 

BRIDGEFIELD GMBH, Ger­many, https://bridgefield.de/

Brütsch/Rügger Tools GmbH Deutsch­land, Ger­many, https://www.brw-tools.de/corp/

BUFFALO MACHINERY CO.,LTD., Taiwan, https://www.axilemachine.com/

Bystron­ic Laser AG, Switzer­land, https://www.bystronic.com/en/

CETIM Tech­nic­al Centre for Mech­an­ic­al Indus­tries, France, https://www.cetim.fr/

CHIRON Group SE, Ger­many, https://chiron-group.com/

Cit­izen Machinery Europe GmbH, Japan, https://www.citizen.de/

Codew­erk GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.codewerk.de/

Comara GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.comara.de/en/ 

Nicolás Cor­rea S.A., Spain, https://www.nicolascorrea.com/es

Danobat S. Coop., Spain, https://www.danobat.com/

DELTA LOGIC Auto­mat­is­ier­ung­s­tech­nik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.deltalogic.de/

DMG Mori AG, Ger­many, https://de.dmgmori-ag.com/

Dürr Sys­tems AG, Ger­many, https://www.durr.com/de/

DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Ger­many, http://www.dvs-gruppe.com/

ELHA-MASCHINENBAU Liemke KG, Ger­many, https://www.elha.de/

elumatec AG, Ger­many, https://www.elumatec.com/de

EMAG GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.emag.com/de

EMCO GmbH, Aus­tria, https://www.emco-world.com/

EVO Inform­a­tionssysteme GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.evo-solutions.com/

Fagor Auto­ma­tion, S. Coop., Spain, https://www.fagorautomation.com/

FANUC CORPORATION, Japan, https://www.fanuc.co.jp/

Fair Friend Enter­prise Co. Ltd., Taiwan, http://www.ffg-tw.com/

Fisc­her Spindle Group AGIFISCHER AG Präzi­sionsspindeln CH, Switzer­land, https://www.fischerspindle.ch/

Hein­rich Georg GmbH Maschinen­fab­rik, Ger­many, https://www.georg.com/de/

Gero­tor GmbH, Ger­many, https://gerotor.tech/ 

GF Machin­ing Solu­tions Man­age­ment SA, Switzer­land, https://www.gfms.com/

Giuseppe Giana SRL, Italy, http://www.giana.it/

Gren­ze­bach Maschinen­bau GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.grenzebach.com/de/

GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.grobgroup.com/

GRP GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.grp.de/en/

HAGIWARA Solu­tions Co., Ltd., Japan, https://www.hagisol.com/

HEGLA-HANIC GmbH, Ger­many, http://www.hegla-hanic.de/

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.heidenhain.de/de_DE/

heimatec GmbH, Ger­many, https://heimatec.com/

Gebr. Heller Maschinen­fab­rik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.heller.biz/de/

Maschinen­fab­rik Ber­thold Hermle AG, Ger­many, https://www.hermle.de/

Hita­chi, Ltd., Japan, http://www.hitachi.com/ 

Hyundai Wia Co., Ltd., Europe, https://machine.hyundai-wia.com/eu/

i4.0‑Simon Wot­ton, Ger­many, https://www.wotton.de/

IBARMIA INNOVATEK, S.L.U, Spain, https://www.ibarmia.com/en/

IGH Infotec AG, Ger­many, https://www.infotec-ag.de/

INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.index-werke.de/de/

inray Indus­triesoft­ware GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.inray.de/ 

iSAX GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.isax.com/

iSESOL Inform­a­tion Tech­no­logy Co., Ltd., China, https://de.made-in-china.com/co_isesol/

Uni­versität Stut­tgart, Ger­many, https://www.isw.uni-stuttgart.de/

iT Engin­eer­ing Soft­ware Innov­a­tions GmbH, Ger­many, https://ite-si.de/ 

JBS Sys­tem GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.jbs-system.de/

K.R. Pfiffn­er AG, Sch­weiz, https://www.pfiffner.com/

KAPP NILES GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.kapp-niles.com/de/

KLINGELNBERG AG, Switzer­land, https://www.klingelnberg.com/

KONTRON AIS GMBH, Ger­many, https://kontron-ais.com/


konzept­park GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.konzeptpark.net/

Maus­er-Werke Oberndorf Maschinen­bau GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.krause-mauser.com/

Leady­ang Pre­ci­sion Tech­no­logy Co. Ltd., Taiwan, https://www.leadyang.com.tw/

Len­ord, Bauer & Co. GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.lenord.de/

Lieb­herr-Verzahn­tech­nik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.liebherr.com/de

LiSEC Group, Aus­tria, https://www.lisec.com/

LNS Sarl, Switzer­land, https://lns-group.com/

MAG IAS GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.mag-ias.com/

Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd., Japan, https://www.makino.com/

MAYFRAN INTERNATIONAL, Neth­er­lands, https://www.mayfran.co.uk/

Yamaza­ki Mazak Deutsch­land GmbH, Japan, https://www.mazakeu.de/

M.C.M MADAR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L., Italy, http://www.mcmsrl.com/

Meyk, Ger­many, https://meyk.parts/

Mit­subishi Elec­tric Europe B.V.Japan, https://de.mitsubishielectric.com/de/

MPDV Mik­rolab GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.mpdv.com/de/

MSVH GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://msvhsoftware.de/

Murata Machinery, Ltd, Japan, https://www.muratec.net/

Nakamura-Tome Pre­ci­sion Industry Co., Ltd., https://www.nakamura-tome.co.jp/en/

OKK Cor­por­a­tion, Japan, https://www.okk.co.jp/en/

OKUMA Cor­por­a­tion, Japan, https://www.okuma.co.jp/english/

Orches­tra Srl, Italy, https://www.retuner.eu/

OSTERWALDER AG, Switzer­land, http://www.osterwalder.com/de/

Peisel­er GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.peiseler.de/

Pre­ci­sion Machinery Research & Devel­op­ment Cen­ter, Taiwan, http://en.pmc.org.tw

POSALUX SA, Switzer­land, https://www.posalux.com/

Pre­cit­rame Machines SA, Switzer­land, https://www.precitrame.com/de/

Pro­Com GmbH, Ger­many, https://procom.eu/

Profir­oll Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.profiroll.de/

Reishauer AG, Switzer­land, https://www.reishauer.com/en/

Ren­ishaw plc, United King­dom, https://www.renishaw.com

Reniver, Ger­many, https://www.reniver.eu/

Bosch Rexroth AG, Ger­many, https://www.boschrexroth.com/de/de/

Röders GmbH, Ger­many, https://roeders.de/

SAP SE, Ger­many, https://www.sap.com

SATO GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.sato.de

Saut­er Fein­mech­anik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.sauter-feinmechanik.com/

Schaeffler Digit­al Solu­tions GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.autinity.de/en

Schunk GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://schunk.com/de

Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.schuette.de/

Sel­ica Inter­na­tion­al Co., Ltd., Taiwan, https://www.selica.com.tw/

TGU sere­act | TTI GmbH, Ger­many, https://sereact.ai/

Shibaura Machine Co., Ltd., Japan, https://www.shibaura-machine.co.jp/en/

Siemens AG, Ger­many, https://siemens.com/

Sig­ma­tools GmbH, Switzer­land, https://www.sigmatools.ch/

SMS digit­al GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.sms-digital.com/de/ 

SMT Tech­no­logy Pte. Ltd., Singa­pore, https://smttech.asia/

Soit­aab Impi­anti S.r.l., Italy, http://www.soitaab.com/

Solukon Maschinen­bau GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.solukon.de/

SORALUCE S. Coop., Spain, https://www.soraluce.com/en

SOTEC Soft­ware Entwicklungs GmbH + Co. Mik­rocom­puter­tech­nik KG, Ger­many, https://www.sotec.eu/

Star­rag Group Hold­ing AG, Switzer­land, https://www.starrag.com/de-de 

sym­me­dia GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.symmedia.de/

SYNAOS GMBH, Ger­many, https://synaos.com/

T‑Systems Inter­na­tion­al GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.t‑systems.com/de/de

Tec­glass S.L., Spain, https://www.tecglassdigital.com/

Tornos SA, Switzer­land, https://www.tornos.com/de

TRUMPF Werkzeug­maschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.trumpf.com/de_DE/

UNITED GRINDING Group, Switzer­land, https://www.grinding.ch/

UNOMIC CO., Ltd., South Corea, http://www.unomic.com/

ver­linked GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.verlinked.com/

Vix­ion Con­nec­ted Fact­ory, S. L., Spain, https://www.vixion360.com/

VOLLMER WERKE Maschinen­fab­rik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.vollmer-group.com/de/ 

J. Wag­n­er GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.wagner-group.com/de/

Werkzeug­maschinen­fab­rik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.waldrich-coburg.de/

Hans Weber Maschinen­fab­rik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.hansweber.de/en/

WIWA Wil­helm Wag­n­er GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.wiwa.de/

XETICS GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.xetics.de/

ZAYER, S.A., Spain, https://www.zayer.com/en/

core part­ners

These part­ners inves­ted into the cre­ation of the umati com­munity and are driv­ing the com­munity build­ing forward.


CHIRON Group SE, Ger­many, https://chiron-group.com/

DMG Mori AG, Ger­many, https://de.dmgmori-ag.com/

EMAG GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.emag.com/de

GF Machin­ing Solu­tions Man­age­ment SA, Switzer­land, https://www.gfms.com/

GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.grobgroup.com/

Gebr. Heller Maschinen­fab­rik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.heller.biz/de/

Uni­versität Stut­tgart, Ger­many, https://www.isw.uni-stuttgart.de/

K.R. Pfiffn­er AG, Sch­weiz, https://www.pfiffner.com/

Lieb­herr-Verzahn­tech­nik GmbH, Ger­many, https://www.liebherr.com/de

TRUMPF Werkzeug­maschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Ger­many, https://www.trumpf.com/de_DE/

UNITED GRINDING Group, Switzer­land, https://www.grinding.ch/

VDMA e.V., Ger­many, https://www.vdma.org/

Ver­ein Deutscher Werkzeug­maschinen­fab­riken e. V. (VDW), Ger­many, https://vdw.de/

con­sor­ti­um partners

Con­sor­ti­ums who use the umati endorsed  OPC UA com­pan­ion spe­cifc­a­tions for the com­mu­nic­a­tion part inside their respect­ive activities.


Edgecross Con­sor­ti­um, Japan, https://www.edgecross.org/en/

NC-Link (CMTBA), China, http://www.cmtba.org.cn/

Zell­weger Ingenie­urgesell­schaft mbH, Switzer­land, https://prodnet.ch/

asso­ci­ation partners

Our asso­ci­ation part­ners are the mul­ti­pli­ers for our mis­sion. They act­ively inform and update their mem­bers about umati and the com­munity activ­it­ies. Togeth­er with them we provide sup­port to the grow­ing base of partners.


AFM Advanced Man­u­fac­tur­ing Tech­no­lo­gies, Spain, https://www.afm.es/en/

CECIMO, Europe, https://www.cecimo.eu/

Fach­verb­and Metall­tech­nis­che Indus­trie, Aus­tria, https://www.metalltechnischeindustrie.at/en

FPT-VIMAG, Neth­er­lands, https://www.fpt-vimag.nl/

MTA, United King­dom, https://www.mta.org.uk/

OPC Found­a­tion, USA, https://opcfoundation.org/

Swiss­mem, Switzer­land, https://www.swissmem.ch/de/

SYMOP, France, https://www.symop.com/

Taiwan Asso­ci­ation of Machinery Industry, Taiwan, http://www.tami.org/

Taiwan Machine Tool & Access­ory Builder´s Asso­ci­ation, Taiwan, https://www.tmba.org.tw/en/

UCIMU — SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, Italy, https://www.ucimu.it/

VDMA e.V., Ger­many, https://www.vdma.org/

Ver­ein Deutscher Werkzeug­maschinen­fab­riken e. V. (VDW), Ger­many, https://vdw.de/

research part­ners

Our research part­ners sup­port the stand­ard­iz­a­tion work, devel­op tech­no­lo­gies and build ref­er­ence implementations.


inspire AG, Switzer­land, https://www.inspire.ethz.ch/ 

Uni­versität Stut­tgart, Ger­many, https://www.isw.uni-stuttgart.de/

Indus­tri­al Tech­no­logy Research Insti­tute, Taiwan, https://www.itri.org.tw/

Leib­n­iz Uni­versität Han­nov­er (Insti­tut für Fer­ti­gung­s­tech­nik und Werkzeug­maschinen), Ger­many, https://www.ifw.uni-hannover.de/

Insti­tut für Produk­tions­man­age­ment, Tech­no­lo­gie und Werkzeug­maschinen (PTW) TU Darm­stadt, Ger­many, https://www.ptw.tu-darmstadt.de/

RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity, Ger­many, https://www.wzl.rwth-aachen.de/

Sirris Logo

Sir­ris, The col­lect­ive centre of the Bel­gian tech­no­logy industry, Bel­gi­um, https://www.sirris.be/

Karls­ruh­er Insti­tut für Tech­no­lo­gie, Ger­many, https://www.wbk.kit.edu/

Sirris Logo