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OPC 40301 for Flat Glass Processing

The OPC 40301 series is the bases for true interoperability machine2machine and machine2production control and management software.

Foun­ded in April 2019 the Flat Glass Ini­ti­at­ive JWG pub­lished its 1st release already in Janu­ary 2022, provid­ing a solu­tion for the major issue of the industry, a stand­ard­ized trans­fer of pro­duc­tion job inform­a­tion from plan­ning soft­ware to machines includ­ing feed­back. After intens­ive dis­cus­sions major parts of the pro­posed job mod­el were included with gen­er­al exten­sions into the spe­cific­a­tion for machinery OPC 40001–3.

We’re updat­ing our spe­cific­a­tion to align with the OPC 40001 machinery stand­ard, set for release in Octo­ber 2024 and already sub­mit­ted as Release Can­did­ate. Com­pan­ies using this spe­cific­a­tion will bene­fit from widely accep­ted industry stand­ards. Only essen­tial adjust­ments for flat glass pro­cessing com­pli­ance will be included in the new release.

Push­ing the lim­its of stand­ard­iz­a­tion in flat glass pro­cessing fur­ther, the group estab­lished a uni­form struc­ture and descrip­tion for job inform­a­tion details such as shape of glass, pro­cessing and assembly, pub­lished as VDMA spe­cific­a­tion 24124.

We thank our more than 20 mem­ber-com­pan­ies for their
com­mit­ment in estab­lish­ing and pro­mot­ing the standard:
• A+W Software
• AGC Inter­pane Holding
• DDX Soft­ware Solutions
• Dev­glass Group
• Glas Schneider
• Gla­ston Fin­land Oy
• Gla­ston Germany
• Gren­ze­bach
• ISRA Vision
• LiSEC Austria
• Press Glass
• Rot­tler, Rüdi­ger & Partner
• Schollglas
• Siemens
• Syn2Tec
• Syn­er­glass-Soft
• (Inter­mac, HEGLA New Tech­no­lo­gies, ISW Uni­versität Stuttgart)

Ges­ine Bergmann, JWG Secretary
VDMA – Machinery and Equip­ment Man­u­fac­tur­ers Association

The spe­cific­a­tion is avail­able free of charge from