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umati has new partner Rollomatic SA

Rol­lo­mat­ic SA is now part of the umati community

What expect­a­tions do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership? 

We expect that umati will con­firm its pos­i­tion as the ref­er­ence in the machine tool industry for an open and stand­ard­ized OPC_UA com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­tocol which will sim­pli­fy the integ­ra­tion of our tool grind­ing and laser­ing machines in third party soft­ware but also sim­pli­fy the integ­ra­tion of third-party machines in our own mon­it­or­ing software.

What advant­ages does umati offer your com­pany and your cus­tom­ers? 

As a part­ner of the umati com­munity our cus­tom­ers will bene­fit from a plug-and-play solu­tion to retrieve data from their Rol­lo­mat­ic machines with a single, vendor-inde­pend­ent protocol.

The pres­ence of umati as an entity on the inter­net and tradeshows will also increase our vis­ib­il­ity as a machine tool build­er that embraces the chal­lenges Industry 4.0 poses for us and our customers.

How do you eval­u­ate the expan­sion of the umati ini­ti­at­ive to the entire mech­an­ic­al engin­eer­ing industry? 

The expan­sion of umati towards the com­plete machine tool industry will facil­it­ate ini­ti­at­ives to increase and sim­pli­fy the con­nectiv­ity needed between machines and soft­ware to stay com­pet­it­ive in a world that inter­con­nects itself more and more. A fully autonom­ous fact­ory will become real­ity and Rol­lo­mat­ic will be a part of that.