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umati has new partner Kurtz GmbH & Co. KG

By 29.08.2022August 31st, 2022Partner News

Kur­tz GmbH & Co. KG is now part of the umati community 

What expect­a­tions do you have of umati, what do you expect from the part­ner­ship? 

We expect Umati to kick-start UPC-UA util­iz­a­tion at our customers.
Using UPC UA com­pan­ion specs as a found­a­tion, we expect a more stand­ard­ized & effi­cient use of OPC-UA.
Hav­ing this in mind, Umati can be an import­ant key tech­no­logy in the Industry 4.0 strategy of our customers.

What advant­ages does umati offer your com­pany and your cus­tom­ers? 

Redu­cing com­plex­ity for our cus­tom­ers is a huge advant­age of Umati. OPC UA itself has a great poten­tial, umati makes this poten­tial exper­i­ence­able for everyone. 
Umati will be our gate­way to improve pro­cesses, add value and increase reli­ab­il­ity through data.

How do you eval­u­ate the expan­sion of the umati ini­ti­at­ive to the entire mech­an­ic­al engin­eer­ing industry? 

The expan­sion to the mech­an­ic­al engin­eer­ing industry is a innov­at­ive and con­sequent step.
Mech­an­ic­al engin­eers can improve and adapt their designs based on real life data.
Espe­cially for com­pan­ies without a strong soft­ware back­ground, it was very chal­len­ging to gath­er & use this data.
Umati will lead to bet­ter and more focused mech­an­ic­al designs by tear­ing down walls between mach­an­ic­al & soft­ware engineering.

About Kur­tz GmbH & Co. KG

Kur­tz GmbH & Co. KG is a mem­ber of the Kur­tz Ersa cor­por­a­tion, an inter­na­tion­al tech­no­logy com­pany with a cor­por­ate his­tory of more than 240 years and world­wide pro­duc­tion and ser­vice locations.
About 1,300 employ­ees work in three busi­ness areas – Elec­tron­ics Pro­duc­tion Equip­ment, Mould­ing Machines and Auto­ma­tion – offer­ing innov­at­ive solu­tions for the man­u­fac­tur­ing industry.
Kur­tz is organ­ized in three profit centres: Pro­tect­ive Solu­tions, Cast­ing Solu­tions und Addit­ive Man­u­fac­tur­ing. It provides solu­tions for particle foam pro­cessing, low pres­sure cast­ing and met­al 3D printing.
Cus­tom­ers bene­fit from indi­vidu­ally planned, cost-sav­ing and reli­able Kur­tz machines and turn­key solutions.