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umati has new partner INCHSTONE GmbH

INCHSTONE GmbH is now part of the umati community

What are your expect­a­tions for umati, what do you expect from the part­ner­ship?

Through the part­ner­ship with umati, we expect an even smooth­er integ­ra­tion of our IoT solu­tions for machine build­ers and users. This includes the abil­ity to con­tinu­ously adapt our IoT soft­ware com­pon­ents and cus­tom soft­ware to the OPC UA com­pan­ion spe­cific­a­tions. We expect this to res­ult in improved inter­op­er­ab­il­ity and plug-and-play con­nectiv­ity, ulti­mately lead­ing to increased effi­ciency and pro­ductiv­ity for our customers.

What advant­ages does umati offer your com­pany and your customers?

For our com­pany, umati offers the oppor­tun­ity to adapt our IoT solu­tions bet­ter and more quickly to the industry-wide stand­ard­iz­a­tion of OPC UA. This allows us to mar­ket our products more effect­ively and strengthen our pos­i­tion as a pro­vider of com­mu­nic­a­tion and IoT solu­tions. For our cus­tom­ers, col­lab­or­at­ing with umati means that INCHSTONE is more than just an imple­ment­a­tion part­ner and for us, the term ‘inter­op­er­ab­il­ity’ means more than just sup­port­ing a uni­fied com­mu­nic­a­tion protocol.

How do you rate the expan­sion of the umati ini­ti­at­ive to the entire machinery industry?

In our opin­ion, expand­ing the umati ini­ti­at­ive to the entire machinery industry, and poten­tially bey­ond, is a pre­requis­ite for the fourth indus­tri­al revolu­tion. For Industry 4.0 to suc­ceed, we must fully apply the les­sons of the third indus­tri­al revolu­tion, which focused on auto­ma­tion and elec­tron­ic net­work­ing. Over the recent dec­ades, device man­u­fac­tur­ers and stand­ard­iz­a­tion groups have worked intens­ively on the devel­op­ment of com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­to­cols and data mod­els, and the innov­a­tions in this field demon­strate the impress­ive per­form­ance achiev­able with cur­rent tech­no­logy. How­ever, we have reached a point where fur­ther optim­iz­a­tion of pro­to­cols and mod­els no longer cre­ates a great com­pet­it­ive advant­age. There­fore, we believe that stand­ard­iz­ing com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­to­cols and data mod­els as swiftly and broadly as pos­sible is cru­cial to unleash com­pan­ies’ innov­a­tion poten­tial for oth­er areas like pre­dict­ive main­ten­ance, big data, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, and more.


We are INCHSTONE, your Aus­tri­an part­ner in indus­tri­al com­mu­nic­a­tion and IoT solu­tions. Our mis­sion is to empower build­ers and users to con­nect, mon­it­or, and oper­ate machines effort­lessly. We achieve this by provid­ing ready-made soft­ware com­pon­ents, cus­tom devel­op­ment ser­vices, and con­tinu­ous main­ten­ance – ensur­ing you bene­fit from industry stand­ards but also enjoy the flex­ib­il­ity of tailored solutions.
Sithara IoT provides a flex­ible start­ing point for vari­ous IoT con­nectiv­ity needs. For example, you can quickly obtain an App (iOS & Android) with your brand­ing for access­ing your machines via OPC UA or MQTT. The lay­out can be cus­tom­ized without hav­ing to recre­ate, test, and pub­lish the App . Our team is ready to assist you with devel­op­ing innov­at­ive and cus­tom­ized solu­tions for Industry 4.0.