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umati Sample-Server

Ref­er­ence imple­ment­a­tion of com­pan­ion specifications

Based on open62541

Imple­men­ted Com­pan­ion Specifications:

  • OPC 4000–1 UA for Machinery
  • OPC 40501–1 UA for Machine Tool
  • OPC 40550–1 UA for Woodworking
  • OPC 40210 UA for Geo­met­ric­al Meas­ur­ing Solutions

Imple­men­ted Pro­files and Facets

  • Machinery Find all Machines
  • Machinery Machine Identification
  • Machine Tools all facets
  • Wood­work­ing
  • Geo­met­ric­al Meas­ur­ing Solu­tions — Res­ult Management

Upcom­ing features

  • Pub­Sub over MQTT (JSON) for Com­pan­ion Specifications
  • Sur­face Technology
  • Robot­ics
  • Plastics Rub­ber

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