Join the umati WebEvent to experience live, how data from different machines confluences – hands on!

Decem­ber 16 and 17, the umati (uni­ver­sal machine tech­no­logy inter­face) com­munity enters the next level for prov­ing con­nectiv­ity through its stand­ards. The umati oper­at­ors VDW and VDMA present an online event fea­tur­ing expert talks and live demon­stra­tions by five core part­ners from the machine tool group (Grob, Heller, Lieb­herr-Verzahn­tech­nikTrumpf and United Grind­ing Group). 

Dur­ing the umati WebEvent, these part­ners will present products integ­rating the func­tion­al­ity of the OPC UA for Machine Tools (OPC UA 40501–1) and OPC UA for Machinery (OPC UA 40001–1) spe­cific­a­tions for the first time. Both spe­cific­a­tions were pub­lished in Septem­ber 2020 and con­sid­er­ably sim­plify the con­nec­tion of machine tools to pro­duc­tion-related IT sys­tems. 

umati is a com­munity of the machine build­ing indus­tries and their cus­tom­ers for the pro­mo­tion and adop­tion of open, stand­ardised inter­faces based on the glob­al pro­duc­tion lan­guage OPC UA. umati facil­it­ates the data exchange between machines, com­pon­ents and install­a­tions and their easy, seam­less and secure integ­ra­tion into cus­tom­er- and user-spe­cif­ic IT eco­sys­tems. It’s an ini­ti­at­ive to exploit new poten­tials for the pro­duc­tion of the future as even in the world of machinery there’s no bet­ter con­nec­tion than a com­mon lan­guage.  

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Decem­ber 16, 10.00h – 19:00h CET

Decem­ber 17, 7.00h – 16.00h CET

Dur­a­tion per top­ic approx. 30 min

december 16

4:00 am 10:00h 5:00 pm

Intro­duc­tion to umati & OPC UA for Machine Tools

8:00 am 14:00h 9:00 pm

Meet the Experts* – United Grind­ing Group

9:00 am 15:00h 10:00 pm

Fea­ture present­a­tion by United Grind­ing Group

10:00 am 16:00h 11:00 pm

Fea­ture present­a­tion by Lieb­herr Verzahntechnik

11:00 am 17:00h 12:00 pm

Fea­ture present­a­tion by Heller

12:30 am 18:30h 1:30 am +1

Meet the Experts* – Heller and Lieb­herr Verzahntechnik

*includes intro­duc­tion to umati & OPC UA for Machine Tools / sub­ject to change

december 17

1:00 am 7:00h 2:00 pm

Meet the Experts* – Grob and Trumpf

2:00 am 8:00h 3:00 pm

Fea­ture present­a­tion by Grob-Werke

3:00 am 9:00h 4:00 pm

Fea­ture present­a­tion by Trumpf

5:00 am 11:00h 6:00 pm

Meet the Experts* – DMG Mori and Trumpf

9:30 am 15:30h 10:30 pm

Intro­duc­tion to umati & OPC UA for Machine Tools

*includes intro­duc­tion to umati & OPC UA for Machine Tools / sub­ject to change